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Bookshop Aims

  • To Serve individuals by providing Christian literature that will stimulate a relationship with God and encourage spiritual growth.
  • To serve the Churches in the area by providing access to a wide range of resource materials.
  • To be a witness to Christ to the General Public.
  • To act as a communication centre where information about Churches and Church events can be easily found.
  • To provide a meeting place for Christians

How is the money used

Books have always played an important part in the education and training of Christians. The Trust therefore enables the shop to subsidise the cost of books bought by local Ministers for their own personal reading and study. The Ministers in turn are the best people to encourage the congregations to read.

The Trust also helps Schools by subsidising the cost of Christian books and resources to use with the Curriculum, including Bibles and Music books. This is an important area of the Trust's work and the shop has supplied a number of schools in the area.

The Trust has also been able to make free gifts of books to schools when funds have been available. In the last 4 years we have been able to make these gifts to about four schools each year.

Personal gifts

Gifts can be given to the work of the trust in several ways. Cheques or cash can be given in to the shop and these will be passed to the trust (cheques to the Maranatha Christian Bookshop Trust).

Gifts can also be made by Gift Aid or UKET or a signed form can be used for larger one off gifts or regular giving where tax can be recovered.

The Trustees

  • Mrs Jackie Griffiths
  • Mr David Helden
  • Mr Paul Johnson
  • Cllr David Routledge MBE

The Work of the Trust

The work of the Trust is to underpin and support the work of the bookshop. This is done by:

  • Supporting the shop and its aims
  • Prayerfully upholding the shop, staff and volunteers
  • By authorising Trust funds when available
  • By providing counsel and advice to the shop staff